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Cyst popping fun

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February 3, 2012
Posted by in Cyst Videos, Featured

Biggest cyst behind the ear gets popped, like pimple popping this is a very awkward place to have a cyst or a boil behind the ear. Gross zit!

  1. thenoblegeek

    This is about the 10th repost of this clip now. Try and be original for once.

  2. Hamradiochannels

    Look out, here he is again, “This is about the 10th repost of this clip now” the whole of youtube is a repost in one form or another. “Try and be original for once” Yep good idea I will build a channel like yours, as they say “ya can keep some of the people happy some of the time, but ya cant keep all of the people happy all of the time”

  3. rick6393

    skip to 130

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