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Forehead Sebaceous Cyst

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February 4, 2013
Posted by in Cyst Videos, Featured

This is a sebaceous cyst on forehead, sebaceous cyst usually forms from swollen follicles which may be initiated by trauma to skin, certain cells are formed inside follicles which start secreting keratin a kind of protein. Cysts are drained or excised, here you can see the keratin coming out of cyst in coiling form. Do you know? Some of African Antelopes have horns made of keratin, keratin production also take place in process known as cornification. Keratin repels the water off from skin making it water proof. Do you know? Spiders also form keratin in form of silk fibroins. Around 20 types of keratins are found in human body. Sebaceous cysts are not comedone (ie black & white heads). Structure of keratin is similar to a helix type.

  1. mts1583

    He’s asking how the condition is caused. Also, what is your specialty, Doctor Yadav? You seem to practice in many areas of medicine.

  2. Imhighandhungry


  3. Rhonda537

    News Flash!! YOUR forehead is gonna SAG someday too…

  4. mannoucha ca


  5. tr4nscend

    did you ever throw up as a result of the smell of the puss? great work by the way.

  6. carrie3470

    Doc you are so awesome:)

  7. mzmeanez

    I love you!! Thanks for all you do! Can’t wait for more!!!

  8. 1977mrbrian

    Very good video dr, all of your vids are very informative also! Any chance of uploading more blackhead, whitehead removal vids? Thank you kind sir

  9. Hairymonster10


  10. crustychris2

    Really nice toothpaste tube action, thankyou doctor.

  11. chromeshellking

    “how does the” but he left out any thing else in his sentence so.

  12. Julie H

    Ramen noodles

  13. SaskBlade

    you make my day ..seriously
    I love your vids…my family thinks I am

  14. MrFunkyJon

    What came out at the end? Was that the sebaceous cyst’s sack, or was that just a really thick piece of puss?

  15. pedrovegaz

    can i fry with that?

  16. steve maher

    These videos get me all jazzed up! Keep up the good work Doc!

  17. chesseesmile

    Love your videos

  18. TheLastDigitalDragon

    I think, David Levi asked, how does it get to this? To a sebaceous cyst. (It’s german :])

  19. valleyjulie

    Well, as usual you didn’t show the entire procedure AND you, as a doctor, you know that it isn’t good for the tissues to force the sebum through such a small opening. I imagine you were wanting to make it entertaining for your ‘fans’ but it wasn’t good for the patient. “First, do no harm” ring a bell?

  20. Afia Arif

    U kno… The dactor iz alwayz rite ok..

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