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Large Inflamed Sebaceous Cyst Back

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October 24, 2012
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This Man is an astrologer who visited me with complain of painful swelling over his back for one week.On examination I found it was a large red , extremely tender cystic swelling over his back.It was painful,elevated red with local rise temperature.All the signs of inflammation was there.These inflamed cysts also described as angry looking cysts because of its red swelling.One can see the punctum in the center of the swelling.It indicates it is an inflamed(Angry looking) Sebaceous Cyst(epidermoid cyst) . There is fluctuation present ,which indicates liquid pus inside the cyst as the content.This cyst needs definitely incision and drainage of pus. Before pus drainage , a course of antibiotics reduces the inflammation .If the patient is diabetic ,control of blood sugar also essential before

  1. jillrenee676

    Can’t wait to see it get drained.

  2. Leah Stuart

    pop goes the cyst…..right?

  3. KingNurseOR

    So excited, love your videos. Can’t wait for the follow up! Not pushy, excited!

  4. Rhonda537

    Here we go again.. People getting all “pushy” with the Doctor. ” Pop it, pop it, pop it !!” He will, he will.. Give him a damn minute!! GEEEZ!!!

  5. sankaqm5

    you are right :) 

  6. Xtroverted Hermit

    let it grow huge kidding

  7. 7703ttball

    When can we expect the drainage video? I agree, not pushy, excited!

  8. j0hnnytamb0rine

    you tease!

  9. TheThreadWeaver

    In the next video he will.

  10. countthetacobells

    Can’t wait! =)

  11. wasafan12345

    Did his Horoscope say he was going to meet a tall dark stranger? And that stranger would prod and poke angry lumps on his back? Probably not…

  12. pikolowet


  13. TimeVlogz

    still no puss video’s =’(

  14. Enoless

    y u no pop them?

  15. sankaqm5

    In Next video you will watch the inflamed sebaceous cyst pus drainage.

  16. TheLeatheryman

    Please hurry!

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