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Looking for Pictures or Images of Pilonidal Cyst?

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February 3, 2012
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Odds are you are looking for pictures or images of pilonidal cyst because you developed a lump on your lower back and want to determine if it is a pilonidal cyst. However, since its size differs in every sufferer and some of them have undergone medical procedures attempting to get rid of their pilonidal cyst, pictures or images of this can be misleading. In fact, many people confuse cystic acne with a tailbone abscess and vice versa. There is an effective way to determine if you have a pilonidal cyst. Firstly, you should comprehend where a pilonidal cyst situates, exactly. A tailbone abscess develops approximately an inch and a half above the anus in the natal cleft, but rapidly spreads to part of buttocks and the lower back. (Because the buttocks are fleshy, sufferers only tend to notice

  1. Haley Ann

    I had one of these and had surgery for it my junior year of highschool. it was very painful and they said they usually leave it open to heal on the inside first but looked so good they stitched me back together. few months later though it hurt really back and the er had to drain it. it was very gross and super painful. but it hasnt come back since.

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