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My dad popping his cyst with a thumbtack

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February 3, 2012
Posted by in Cyst Videos, Featured
  1. abrowncitizen

    Skip over this video, nothing happens

  2. hiscapturedsoul

    Why did you stop?

  3. mossivy

    A good old fashioned two finger push (for longer than 2 seconds) would have taken care of this in under 2 minutes. But thanks for sharing!

  4. yourallbrainwashed

    that wasn even close to being done

  5. elvez1231

    another stupid asshole! Pop the fucking thing!

  6. FreezyAbitKT7A

    He needs a little bigger hole. an xacto is good or a new utility blade. it’ll come right out. don’t slice, just nick it in the same hole to expand it. tell your dad he’s awesome and all the kids think he’s really cool too.

  7. pipicelloo

    hello r/popping :)

  8. almondcoconuts

    @pipicelloo Hello

  9. valleyjulie

    This was great! I know there is more in there! Did you tape any more of it? I hope so. If you took your shirt off do you think you would have to wipe it so much?

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