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Sebaceous Cyst Drainage

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December 9, 2012
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  1. carmy60

    I hope that spat at 4:44 got her right in the eye! lol

  2. carmy60

    The stupid ass award goes to the health care provider (and I use the term loosely!) for making such a small incision and putting that poor girl through unnecessary pain!

    The best filmaker award goes to the camera person who does everything but push the above HCP down to get the best possible shot!

    And finally the brave soul award goes to the patient for not punching the HCP in the nose and giving us a big smile now and then in spite of it all!

  3. valleyjulie

    Wow that was HUGE! Sure wish whoever was filming could have gotten in closer or had better light but it sure wasn’t his/her fault! The doc just kept cocking her head too much and had the 4x4s in the way. Thanks for posting! Hope it healed up!

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